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If you are searching to get rid of that dull, unoriginal factory trim around the doors of your vehicle, then look no further. SES Trims stainless steel chrome door pillar posts will take your car from common to eye-catching in a matter of minutes. With such a wide array of cars and trucks out on the market, accessorizing has never been more important. SES Trims has everything you need to customize your ride so that it will stand out above all others. Triple plated chrome lusciously envelops T304 stainless steel for a gleaming mirrored shine. At SES Trims they go the extra step to chrome not just the visible faces, but the entire piece. This provides maximum durability of the product, and it will protect it against any possible corrosion. Also, they use engineered patterns to form the accessories so that a precise fit is made to your specific make and model. Showing off their impeccable craftsmanship, SES Trims has each door pillar post beveled around the edges, which allows a complete and seamless look. You can can be guaranteed that over a long period of time the trim will still fit like the day you put it on, and it won't discolor.

Pillar Posts

Pillar Posts

Pillar Posts
SES Trims is a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel auto accessories including billet grills, pillar posts, door handles, mirror covers and more. Our classic design billet grille inserts offer the most superior chrome quality with an easy quick install over your existing grill while offering the finest fit and finish available in the market. After being in the business for over 15 years, we know everything there is to know about billet grilles and we think you should too. That's why we have developed this article so you can learn everything there is to know about the billet grill starting from the definition of a grille all the way to the common materials used to manufacture them and the types of installations involved.

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Pillar Posts

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