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Started in Lake Forest by Roland Trudel being an aficionado himself in the truck lifestyle, he began marketing the brand RBP in all the local shows and events. He started with custom exhaust and quickly began to get the attention of the Off-road enthusiast as being the new breed in the Off-road lifestyle. In 2005 RBP caught the eye of the crew at Lexani and a new marriage was formed, RBP was moved into the Lexani corporate offices and became part of the Lexani family of brands. Lexani's marketing team was commissioned to take it national. With an extensive marketing campaign in print, national and international shows RBP is being positioned to lead the pack thru the 21st century. RBP continues to redefine the world of custom trucks with innovative new products.

Mud Skins | Flaps

Mud Skins | Flaps

Mud Skins | Flaps
Made of NeveRust Stainless Steel. - Applications to fit the most popular vehicles. - Matches OEM Chrome perfectly. - All parts are easily intalled in seconds! - Complete the Chrome look by adding Mirror, Tailgate Covers, and Tail Light Covers. - Priced Right!!! No other product on the market like it. - Putco quality at a competitive price.

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Mud Skins | Flaps

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